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Sunday, August 14th, 2016 - Mercedes

2016 Mercedes C 220. black Mercedes C 220 is simply not minicars. She says that the driver knows where to go, and that there are more than two of the fumes in the fuel tank. But more importantly, says that you – the man who hired him – right in the bottom of the food chain management. No. Do not argue. You. I had gone to a company that offers a fleet of Mercedes and I had booked the cheapest. And if you think, as you sit there in the back with your knees around your ears, you’re fooling anyone, you’re an idiot and you will be at the bottom of the food chain management for the rest of your life. Do not say anything, “I am not a” clearer than the climb from the back of a chauffeur-driven C 220.

Therefore, the ability to withdraw the estate car has the Mercedes-Benz C 220? Manufacturer quotes healthy weight 1615 kg curb for 2016 Mercedes C 220 Bluetec automatic sport. To give a figure match 85% of 1373 kg, and a lot of medium-sized convoys make reasonable partners until the towers experience. The legal limit diameter and 1800 kg weight limit 100 Kg nose – and this on the high side for a car of this size, useful if you tend to load the front closet.

And we succeeded in expressing Swift 586, presented by Michael Jordan convoys, a Mass in the running and Sam 1389 kg, vs 86%. At highway speeds it felt solid 2016 Mercedes C 220 and composed. There is a need for some minor corrections, but nothing out of the ordinary, good news vacations your caravan. To maneuver in an emergency, and rejected the Mercedes C 220 to be intimidating. The grip of the parties to secure a car and although the suspension comfort fitted to the test car we have allowed some names, Mercedes never felt untidy. Fit and finish of the cabin in the 2016 Mercedes C 220 now set the standard for the executive class compact, giving Audi and BMW some work to do.

Some eyes, color screen like the panel looks a bit of an afterthought, but there’s no arguing with the quality of the keys feel and taste in design. This is a very nice place to spend some time. Those in the front get a lot of space. Leg room particular area is large, so long too tall drivers to find a comfortable position. Rear seat space is not quite so generous. Legs similar to those you’d find in the A4 or 3-series, but there is no shortage of major real estate that offers more space in the back. That said, we are always happy to see the air vents between the two front seats.

Even with a caravan in tow, you should not need to wait long to bypass traffic wasting time. 2143 cc engine and the 2016 Mercedes C 220 Bluetec has 295 lb ft of torque, enough to pull the Swift from 30-60 mph in 9.5 seconds. On the road, this kind of muscle means you rarely need to use full throttle, even when pulling up a steep hill. Changing automatic transmission seven-speed gear smoothly and rarely caught in the wrong ratio for a long time, in addition to feeling smooth speed.

Brakes are easy to apply smoothly, but has enough of a bite when you really need them. On a wet track, the cars and the convoy stopped from 30 mph in 10.6 m. At the beginning of the hill on the slope of one-on -10, held uniform electronic parking brake is still released smoothly. Mercedes pulled to the top without fuss, and found the same slope in a completely opposite direction as clear.

Boot space crowd goes next to other premium competitors, but many real estate cars provide more space for luggage at a much lower price. There are 490 liters with the rear seats up, rising to 1510 liters with them folded. There is no getting away from the high prices of these Mercedes-Benz. Resale values of 2016 Mercedes C 220 prestige often helps compensate for the purchase price, but 44% of the value of the 2016 Mercedes C 220 has maintained good after three years rather than fantastic. Official fuel consumption figures promised bills diesel fuel is low, at 64.2 mpg combined. We achieved 27.4 mpg when the clouds.

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