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2016 Mazda SUV. Launched for model year 2006, it has soldiered Mazda SUV is relatively unchanged so far. Tight face that Mazda came out in 2010 and 2013 brought minor changes that included new networks before, updated headlights, and restyled bumpers. In 2008, Mazda abandoned the 3.5-liter V-6 in favor of the 3- and 7-liter unit, but the bigger the engine, the only survivor of a commercial partnership with Ford, has not changed to this day. All told, the SUV this is a long time in the old and long overdue for reform. Fortunately, I arrived redesign much-needed in the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show and will reach agents for model year 2016.

Although I did not expect to be aggressive appearance as a concept Koeru, I was happy to discover that the production 2016 Mazda SUV has borrowed quite a few of the features of the study, and it’s not just the CX-5 bloated. Is still recognized as the Mazda, the 2016 Mazda SUV stand out when compared with her younger siblings through the large front grille and slender head lamps. Still recognizable as a Mazda, the SUV stand out when compared with her younger siblings for a larger front grille and headlights through slender.

The latter is quite similar to the concept of Koeru as far as shape and size go, but small groups are more friendly production. Outside the barrier restructure the headlights, and the SUV also sports the bumper is completely different. Also it seems inspired by Koeru with which he addressed the broad center and vertical, and the inclusion of chrome blade-like, the new bumper give the 2016 Mazda SUV position athlete this is quite common on these big cars.

It may seem crazy, but the second Generale SUV can be a very good Miata SUV full-size sector. Sporty theme continues around the back, where the sports crossover pair of tail lights slim built around light module round Miata-like. And runs a strip of chrome between the two groups, just like the concept of Koeru. However, the lower part of the tailgate and rear bumper more similar to the CX-5 from Koeru, with only minor details of their setup. When viewed from the side, and the 2016 Mazda SUV is well-proportioned, SUV.

Long hood, the greenhouse swept, large wheels and short overhangs suggest stability and elegance, a feat that can not be many cars full-size brag. Although it is 1.2 inches shorter than its predecessor, and the SUV has a 2.2-inch longer wheelbase. Front overhang is 2.3 inches shorter, while turning back A 3.9-inch columns. 2016 Mazda SUV could have been either a 18- or 20-inch wheels in seven exterior colors. Include shapes and creative spirit of the already red, snowflake Snow White Pearl, Sonic Silver, jet black, Crystal Deep Blue, Titanium flash, gray machine. The latter is a new color Mazda says is designed to make the look SUV “as if it were carved from a single ingot of steel.”

Whatever the case, I still prefer the red spirit. And it supports overseas redesigned by the wonderful cabin that feels much more expensive than you might expect from Mazda. Although it is still characterized by the inclusion of familiar aluminum plate or screen stand-alone consider MAZDA6, cabin 2016 Mazda SUV has a lot of cues to show off its unique design. The upper part of the dashboard is unique compared with other Mazda cars, while the re-design slots A / C. upper part of the dashboard is unique compared with other Mazda cars, while the re-design slots A / C. the driver’s side is much more familiar though, the panel itself is characterized counters with three large gauges and steering wheels for three spoke.

On the other hand, aluminum and wood included in the door panels and center console revised to make it feel more modern and luxurious. Images depicting the inside, the signing of reducing the level occupies the first place among the new group, which means that the models are not cheap these fancy, but it does not make the SUV’s new less impressive. SUVs can be ordered with rosewood authentic Japanese provided by the “premium guitar maker,” Napa in the desert softer skin, and contrast stitching for the center console armrest.

The latest model changes set to bring in a larger crossover for the automotive industry to a new level of refinement. Its design embodies the latest iteration of the Kodo “soul motion” design theme of Mazda. Under the hood, the new 2.5-liter turbo engine, dubbed SKYACTIV name 2. 5 T, will be 20% more efficient than the outgoing 3.7-liter V6. And 2016 Mazda SUV also gains a full range of active safety technologies as part of the package i ACTIV SENSE available. He adds blind spot monitor option, adaptive cruise control, lane keeping, mitigate low-speed collision with automatic high beams.

The use of 22 different sensors, measuring 200 road conditions the system once per second and sends up to half the power of the engine to the rear axle. Because it rides on the same platform as SkyActiv CX-5 crossover and sedan MAZDA6, and SUV uses Mac Pherson struts up front, rear multi-link at the back and comment. The second generation of the 2016 Mazda SUV is not only lighter and more fuel-efficient than its predecessor, but also more secure. Due to the structure more rigid and direct load path of the bars in the framework of the merger uni body, the new 2016 Mazda SUV offers the best protection in the event of an accident.

Also, lighter weight improves braking performance. It has been updated I-Active Sense system, which provides the active safety features, which include Mazda radar cruise control and monitor the blind spot of the second general SUVs point. The package now includes Advanced blind spot monitoring and lane-maintained assist, lane departure warning, high beam control, Smart City Brake Support, Distance supporting the recognition and obstruction warning forward.

Official pricing for the year 2016 Mazda SUV is still elusive. At this time, we expect to be fairly consistent with the 2016 design of the form, which is priced from $ 32,420 with the destination. At the high-end, the models SUV Signature begin to $ 44,915. While these prices are on par with industry leaders such as the Toyota Highlander and Honda Pilot, the price of the highest specification is a big step up from the previous generation. For example, SUV signing of the beating starts $ 7,410 higher than the model grand touring last year. In terms of release date, it has been released any official information yet about the 2016 Mazda SUV. Based on the scheduled launch of the 2016 model, and we are currently estimating a time spring 2016 next year to model.

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