2016 Mazda Millenia Preview And News

Saturday, August 13th, 2016 - Mazda

2016 Mazda Millenia. It was inevitable that Mazda will launch the millennium edition of the luxury cars have Melina. After all, the Mazda is worth more than a Buick worth a special edition of the century. Presumably Mazda can carry this matter through 2001 to celebrate the new millennium begins when, in fact. While some distinction adds inside the Mazda Millenia line, anyone who buys Melina enjoy exclusivity because many shoppers miss this luxury car. It should not be, because this is a big luxury sedan that offers good value: Mazda dropped the prices Melina over the past year. The entry price has been reduced by $ 1,750 over the past year to $ 24,995.

Millenia comes standard with a four-speed automatic transmission, wheel trimmed leadership, Cruise Control, climate control automatic system, 16-inch wheels, AM / FM / CD / cassette stereo, remote key less entry with two chains, and fog lamps , eight-way power driver and dual air bags, which powered de seat. Millennia S adds leather seating surfaces, electronic traction control and 17-inch wheels, power sunroof, seat and eight-way power passenger and Bose sound system. In a limited edition Mazda Millenia is available in two colors exclusive edition, highlighting the silver and red millennium.

Model S, it adds 17-inch wheels chrome alloy, seat suede-charcoal colored door trim, revised plates trim wood grain, and the CD changer six-disc CD in-dash, and transmission, leather-wrapped shift levers hand brake, the Mazda Millenia own notation Edition the C pillars and the logos on the door panels and scuff plates. It comes with a Miller cycle engine is excellent and the trim of the model Melina S.

Millenia base uses the same 170 hp, 2.5-liter V-6 engine as the sedan 626. Because Melina heavier, you can not expect a sizzling performance. The Model S is equipped with a supercharged, 2.3-liter V-6 known as the Miller-cycle engine. Despite the smaller displacement, this engine whips up 210 horsepower and delivers accelerated significantly more impressive. Both engines mate with automatic transmission four-speed automatic. Anti lock brakes and side airbags impact for the front seats standard.

Traction control is an option on the base model and a standard feature on the Model S. In addition to the appearance of smooth, Melina and provides a comfortable and satisfying experience on the road. He directs with a light touch and produces a nice ride, even though it was a bit of a surplus accompanied by movement on some surfaces. Suspension of well-behaved recovering quickly from all the shortages faced.

An acceleration in the Mazda Millenia S model is energetic with the Miller cycle engine. However, the voice-activated from the blower, a quiet engine. Mazda transmission shifts automatic transmission ably, without much delay. Passengers plenty of space inside and attractive interior Deals – also has to mention the well-cushioned, supportive seats properly.

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