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Saturday, August 13th, 2016 - Kia

2016 Kia Truck. Kia will enter uncharted waters when it launches its first full-size, SUV seven passengers in the US market in 2008. He called Borrego, it will be presented in January at the Detroit North American International Show. And energy-saving This truck body on the frame to be a choice of V-6 or Kia’s first V-8 engine when Borrego (called a ram for the Rockies, who lives in the desert state parks in California) go on sale next summer.

It was a bold step for the manufacture of Korean cars, going into the peak of a large 2016 Kia Truck in the US auto time and turning to smaller cars and more fuel-efficient. But to be fair, though, that this is the largest IPO so far Kia, is the closest in size to the mid-sized Ford Explorer from the Chevy Tahoe.

We expect the rate to take high-Borrego 2009 with a 260 horsepower V-6 engine and five-speed automatic transmission. Direct injection 4.6-liter V-8- the same 375 horsepower, 4.6-liter Tau V-8 that will power be Hyundai sedan paired with a six-speed auto. Diesel will join the squad in the second model to many markets, but the US may have to wait longer, officials say. Borrego will be offered with a choice of Korean all-wheel-drive systems, one of which is the setting for part of the time. US models will be displayed with one AWD system, and possibly shared with the current Sorrento.

It is scheduled to outline within the 2016 Kia Truck absolutely gorgeous to ensure a comfortable individuals while sitting inside the car. Cars takes a darker color to make silk in domestic accuracy which can make any individual feel good. Also, the seat and also outlines presented nicely with tan color, which is ready to receive any of the individuals while sitting inside the car. There are 6 seats can be accessed inside the car.

Thus, the car is roomy for bringing six members inside the cars. In case you feel the bear while he was sitting inside the car, and there are huge amounts of properties can be accessed and will make you feel great. Simply choose a gimmick by the Council and you’re ready to appreciate only or with other individuals inside the cars. The exterior of the 2016 Kia Truck compared with Toyota Rush, however Mojave has a less complicated configuration.

At the front of the car, there are the front guard, which has been customized absolutely gorgeous ended up with the latest LED light. Light in front of this large-scale auto scale. It is marked turn in these cars under the front light. This is the side mirror production for this car using secured with steel flexible. In most cars, the light tail and molded box with LED lighting and architecture. This car is an advantage of 18 wheelbase and materials of these cars is hard.

Not cautious statements about the date of discharge are no new 2016 Kia Truck. Approval in any case a few bits of gossip, will be discharged these cars in the parking Japan ahead of schedule in February and March 2015. For the calculation, it is expected for the automotive industry because they cost about $ 40,000 up to $ 45,000.

At the same time, these data are not confirmed yet by Kia cars. These 2016 Kia Truck can be reached in two separate shades, for example, black and brown, but for the first discharged, and the General Authority for Investment Mojave in 2015 to use as a color Tan essential.

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