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Saturday, August 13th, 2016 - Kia

2016 Kia Minivan. In the recent past, Kia has quickly casting their wings far and wide to compete in almost sectors of the market. Minivan is one of the most popular vehicles. Having undergone a face lift again in 2014, we do not expect significant changes to the next model. God thing about Minivan is the external side, which makes it look more than the intersection of a small bus. The car suitable for large families that provide a comfortable ride even during long journeys. It also has a power output and impressive fuel efficiency.

Will be updated 2016 Kia Minivan Profile outside to look more modern. And light means the new changes only to improve their image. In the front, the car features a redesigned grille and elegant network that sports the slogan for the automotive industry at the center. Grille makes the front facade of the Minivan looks more aggressive. And flanked by a pair of headlights swept back working LED-powered. Front bumper bigger, adds to the aggressive on the front of the interface.

It is integrated bumper with fog lamps, air inlet more on the lower end to it. At the rear, the car features a more elegant LED tail lights in when he gets on the rear bumper and a slight change and switch. It features a small bar stability and features a multi-link rear suspension that enhance the driving dynamics. Car rides on 17-inch wheels, but also buyers can choose 18-inch or 19-inch wheels. The car offered in five trim levels, which is the base L, mid trims LX, EX and SX, senior SX Limited. 2016 Kia Minivan cabin is very spacious and comfortably accommodate 8 passengers.

Cabin looks elegant and has three rows of seats are well designed to provide plenty of leg room and hip room space. Left space is still large enough to accommodate a lot of goods, as well as pets. Upholstered cabin in cloth quality as they are upholstered standard decorations, but high in the skin. Technology-wise, the car is also equipped enough. It comes with modern information and entertainment system with a touch screen and wide. System that integrates Google Maps and Android applications. The car also features a Bluetooth connection, or 4 ports 5 USB, CD / MP3 player, Cruise Control, automatic climate control system and sound system 7 speakers.

Other features include electric windows, Heated front seats, rearview camera and sensor parking. To facilitate access to two-thirds the class, you can take the option of a sliding second-row seats, which also solves the space station problems experienced in the past. And SX- Ltd which is the top trim adds lounges along the lines of aviation on the second row as well as 60/40 split folding functions / flat third-row seats. For safety, 2016 Kia Minivan is equipped with air promotion and rear view camera and other bags.

There have also been a lot of changes caused to the inside and outside of the car, it has been kept under part of the hood 2016 Kia Minivan same as it was before. The car will continue to use the 3.3-liter V-6 engine that provides an output of 276 horsepower. The engine is a single sound and works well Minivan does not carry much weight with it some minivans upper limit on the market. The engine does not prove a lot of noise, and it keeps inside the cabin is quiet and suitable way. It combines with the six-speed automatic, which holds the power to the front wheels of the car, and provides the ability to good maneuverability. It gives the electric power steering you also look better when driving the car.

In the price range makes it one of the cars minivans most achievable in the market currently, and its usability gives it a great value for her money. You can buy the new 2016 Kia Minivan for the base price MSRP of 26,400 US dollars. The car will be available in the next year in March, when the date is set for release. If you were not happy with what brings this 2016 Kia Minivan, and there are always other options such as the 2016 Honda Odyssey and the 2016 Toyota Sienna as your alternate.

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