2016 Ford Super Chief Preview And News

Friday, August 12th, 2016 - Ford

2016 Ford Super Chief. 2016 will continue to head of Ford Super chief Ford motor company. Before, Ford Motor Company still in fact the rule of this model Ford in 2006 with a pattern formed on a pick-up Ford F-250 truck. After about a year due to the initial first time, this provision took the attention of the public. It is the entrance to exit with an amazing pattern and this is actually the future. They can found in 2016 showed about the concept of Atlas, individuals and guessing that the Assembly want to restore them to produce large quantities.

And it will include the 2016 Ford Super Chief new design, new technological achievements, and the current system of the Ford company, and a lot of aspects for the benefit of a Ford car lovers, especially Ford fans. It’s also a three-Flex fuel which provides much better performance of the system would be an advantage. The 2016 Ford Super Chief exceeds the designs that came with the model concept car Ford F series, which includes the last; F-250 King Ranch and F-250 Super Crew.

Grille front end of this car was inspired by the fact locomotives, making the Super Chief looks more aggressive. The feeding system is characterized by a well-made that can take advantage of hydrogen and gasoline or ethanol to power it. A car that combines glass, wood and aluminum, making it an extremely powerful tool which looks stunningly good. In terms of entertainment, the truck offers high-quality speakers, and hands free call, and it includes a “touch screen which is managed through the use of 4. 2” 8 LCD display.

2016 Ford Super Chief has a very striking abroad. When you give it a careful look at all of the back and front, and we will realize that they both look very similar. Both sides have the Ford logo, (super) Chief, the brand along with horizontal lines. It has large wheels that fit and match perfectly with the design of the car. In fact, no Super Chief of the Ford 2016 seems like a Rolls-Royce of vans. In the ‘interior is simply stunning.

In “Cabin has a similar design to the Ford King Ranch, but many do not look more luxurious. Some other interior features include; glass ceiling, upholstery brown leather, the rear seats stunning her pillows, along with equipment that is made of brushed aluminum. Interior is actually more of a mixture of both traditional and modern style.

Ford designers gave a great new super V10 engine that produces 550 horsepower and has a top speed of about 180 mph. 2016 Ford Super Chief engine also features a tri flex-fuel system that allows the user to use three different types of fuels, including hydrogen, gasoline and E85 ethanol. Tri flex-fuel system that allows the user to essentially pay about 500 miles with a total fuel supply. With a supercharger is activated only when one is the use of hydrogen fuel system.

This system provides hydrogen around 400 lb-ft of torque. The conversion is performed between the options that usually feeds through the switching system and can be done while the car is running. This system based on hydrogen fuel comprises about 12% more fuel efficiency compared with other residual fuel options. In addition, using hydrogen provides 99% less CO2 emissions than gasoline option.

Price has been placed for 2016 Ford Super Chief at $ 60,000 to $ 72,000, on the basis of the current exchange rate. It is expected to be issued at the end of 2015 or early 2016 car.

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