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Thursday, August 11th, 2016 - Ford

2016 Ford Interceptor. The boys in blue to get the updated version of the Ford Explorer version, Interceptor police assistance. These changes follow the revised version of civilians due out for 2016, with the front and rear rework the internal and updated interface. Beyond that, the project implementation unit gets specific upgrades that request police departments such as individual button to open the rear hatch, electric and an enhanced system to deal with all the added equipment, the system’s innovative movement that stabilizes automatic doors and roll up windows reveal to any person should approach your vehicle from behind on foot.

What’s more, ESC now includes settings to allow J- turn – this pungent, 180-degree rotation of the opposite direction to pay without delay or change the direction of travel. Nice. Since the death of the beloved Crown Victoria, Taurus and Explorer intensified in as substitutes in doing, it has taken more than 55 percent of the police interceptor market. This is not hard to believe considering the limited number of inoperable vehicles, but a significant number nonetheless.

Most of the features of the Ford Explorer SUV, which is based interceptor SLP remain. In front, and the project implementation unit feature headlights anti Integrated design with low fog lights. Wig wag been installed lights now on the incandescent bulb high beam. Design light bulbs and during the day was new and the other is in the form of the letter L. move to the back, and the project implementation unit comes with a redesigned rear lights that look like front fog lamps.

The car will be 2016 Ford Interceptor to help ride on 18-inch steel wheels instead of the alloy on the Explorer. The design of these wheels to provide a large ventilated disc brakes enhanced. All vehicles are sent to Troy design, which is associated with the right company with Ford for the final installation of light bars, Jobs wrap customized, lights the A-pillar and doors on both front and with the level of 3 ballistic shield. Inside, the look is similar to that of the Ford Explorer standard to a great extent.

However, the police car 2016 Ford Interceptor replaces the center console to help record Explorer with a metal container keys to emergency lighting and police radio. On the 2016 Ford Interceptor passenger side, there is a laptop stand which has necessitated adding gear shifter mounted on a pole to take advantage of the available space optimally. Upholstered seats in a piece of strong fabric is covered in vinyl flooring.

Above the rear view mirror, and there is a special button used to open the lift gate for a few seconds only 45 then closes automatically. As has been redesigned dashboard, there will be an option for the SYNC system. Other features offered as optional include blind spot monitoring system, rear cross traffic alert, as well as motion detection system that locks the doors and windows folded automatically. This helps the police to avoid unexpected attackers who may sneak on foot.

Ford, like before, 2016 Ford Interceptor offers two options powertrain with the project implementation unit. The engine is a standard 3. 7-liter, naturally aspirated, V-6. It puts out 304 horsepower and 279 pound-feet of torque. Optional engine, the most desirable is the 3. 5-liter motor shows V-6. It cranks from an impressive 365 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque.

And both engines mated to a transverse-mounted six-speed automatic transmission and AWD system. New in 2016 Ford Interceptor is the programming status pursuing in the transmission process. Regardless of engine choice, the car detects when the driver is driving a more robust and automatically enters the high-performance mode. Transformations are performed more sharpness and hold gears longer. This is also where the programming comes into force J- turn.

By accelerating hard in the opposite direction then cut the wheel hard, front end of the vehicle is going around. Closes move to the drive and leadership in the spin results in a smooth transition from the opposite direction forward without stopping. While this is not likely to happen on a regular basis, it’s good to know the electronic stability controls, transport and up to maneuver.

The car, which was unveiled during this year’s appointment of the Chicago Auto Show to be to take advantage of the sale before the end of the year. Ford official prices did not reach, but we believe that the model attracting priced around $ 37,000. 2016 Ford Interceptor utility vehicle will face significant competition from the Chevrolet Caprice PPV and Dodge Charger pursuit.

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