2016 Chevrolet Cheetah Preview And News

Thursday, August 11th, 2016 - Chevrolet

2016 Chevrolet Cheetah. If you think that getting Bill Thomas Cheetah would be easy, or cheap, I was wrong, unfortunately. These custom-powered Corvette race car so rare that one would have to come to a very large amount of money to even have a chance to buy one. Although the originals astronomically expensive and almost impossible to find, you have a chance to feel the spirit of the Cheetah through identical copies up for display on eBay this week. 

Fahd receives a copy Corvette disc brakes up front and drum brakes in the rear. According to a copy also from an independent rear suspension, which is not found on the original GT racer, but with a modern touch appreciated. The best part of the story is to build replicas company has the best example of the base of their creations. That’s right, the original 1964 Bill Thomas Cheetah sitting in the company’s shop as a blueprint.

Talk about quality assurance. At the end of the day, it was postponed cars like the Chevrolet Cheetah and Daytona cars in favor of grand tourers mid-engined, but they still occupy, especially in the hearts of many niche. It may not be original, but it’s still boss particular machine. For serious investigations, visit the eBay listing.

While the Panthers on eBay, and turn red and silver coupe, is not original, it is valid very. True to the authentic counterparts, whether the Panthers are the rear wheels, and sports a four-speed manual transmissions and powered by Chevrolet V8 engines. Convertible has a great admiration for block 502 under the hood, making this 1700 pound rocket car on the street. The coupe is equipped with a 383 hitter who pays 350 HP, which is plenty of power for the car.

So how much does not go with him a replica dish? Counterfeit generally much cheaper than the originals, but these replicas Cheetah far from competitive prices. It has introduced a convertible for $ 30,000 while revealed to him at a price of $ 89,000. While we know these prices are a fraction of the cost of Chevrolet Cheetah‘s true, we do not know if up to approximately $ 100 K is a fair price for a replica.

Unfortunately, the auction for the conversion ended on August 1 and it is uncertain whether the car actually sold or not. If the price seems fair Coupe and you want to get it yourself, check out the individual list. If you want to tempt fate and try to bid less than the sale price but still exceeds the reserve, and this is also an option.

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