2016 BMW Electric Car Preview And News

Wednesday, August 10th, 2016 - BMW

2016 BMW Electric Car. The direction of electric vehicles getting bigger batteries, and therefore lasts longer ranges with today’s announcement that the 2016 BMW Electric Car will come with a 33 kW battery good hour’s 114-mile range. This strong increase of 81 miles from a group of 22 kWh pack in the original Electric Cars.

Officially called BMW Electric Car 2016 (94 Ah) – This is not gonna roll off the tongue – the new battery is the same size as the original package, but has a more than 50 percent increase in capacity. It says BMW 114 mile will be available, “Weather With varying air conditioning or heating operation”, which certainly looks like the real world leads us. It will be a long version offers expanded 2016 BMW Electric Car is available with the new 94 Ah battery.

Although the spokesman for BMW confirmed and will be announced the full details, “By the end of the year,” it is not known exactly how they will do this. It is believed that a package of lithium-ion battery list either an increase in capacity, or become more intense, thanks to improved technology. 2016 BMW Electric Car current battery pack has a capacity of 22 kWh and promises range on a full charge of just under 100 miles. This is much less than in April newly updated Leaf, which offers 30 kWh pack and claims a range of 155 miles.

It is believed that BMW wants to bring Electric Cars have more in tune with the paper. It also predicted that both expanded the scope and battery only Electric Car will receive a disk. It is not yet clear whether it will take longer to charge, but we expect BMW to retain the option of fast charge 80 per cent. We also do not know if the update will bring along the high prices, but we will find the right time.

7.4 kW of charging electronics 2016 BMW Electric Car (94 Ah) can charge the battery 33 kWh in about 4.5 hours using a Level 2 charger, which is slightly more than approximately 3.5 necessary to charge the battery hours and Electric Car BMW (60 ah). Standard equipment for the BMW Electric Car include the use of a cross cable to connect it to the local power outlet. The basic elements such as a group, remain the hallmark BMW agility and thanks to low weight and overnight charging the battery in place.

The Electric Car BMW is equipped with the current and future-proof 50 kilo-watt direct (DC) fast charging technology. When connecting Electric Car BMW (94 Ah) fast shipping, DC station, carrying the battery cells up to at least 80 percent of capacity in less than 40 minutes. In 2016 BMW Electric Car (60 Ah) and this takes about 25 minutes. This means that the BMW Electric Car (94 Ah) achieves shipping speed of 2.5 miles / minute which corresponds to 24 minutes charging time in the 62-mile range.

And Electric Car BMW (94 ah) is now available in exclusive PROTONIC blue metallic exterior, previously only available in the United States on I8 BMW. And Electric Car BMW (94 Ah) The customer can also choose two paint colors non-metallic (Capparis white black liquor), and in addition to the blue PROTONIC, and three-color metallic paint (metallic gray, silver, platinum and silver ion). Decca world is now part of the standard definition of Electric Car BMW (94 Ah) features a lightweight dark interior cloth fabric made from recycled materials. Other changes include the standard mode Global Add garage door opener, Advanced Real-Time Traffic Information, and convenience of access.

As part of the world of Terra, it is also included dark oak trim Now, with alternative light eucalyptus wood trim is also available. These decor are available for application with the world Giga too. The highly anticipated slot electric ceiling available to the request for the first time in the United States as well. This option is characterized by individual shades and adds to the wide range of convenience features that Electric Car BMW has to offer.

Standard and equipment necessary for 2016 BMW Electric Car (94 Ah) includes: automatic climate control, dynamic cruise control system, LED headlamps, HD Radio, DC fast charging, Business Navigation System, BMW assist and communications services BMW. Other standard features: iDrive operation system, the functions of BMW i the Remote App, and switch to Driving Dynamic Control Command, hands-free phone operation, steering wheel of the skin and Park Remote Control (PDC).

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