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Wednesday, August 10th, 2016 - BMW

2016 BMW E28. It is believed that the 2016 BMW E28 to achieve a new revolution in the history of the automobile S series from BMW. It can be out of production, but the sedan and the BMW E28 wagon seen in these spy images represent a generation of luxury cars BMW. According to the first details of the BMW E28 will arrive in the market in 2016 with a lot of improvements compared to the current generation. It will be launched in 2016 BMW E28 as a representative of the seventh generation, which brings great changes automatically.

Model went through a mid-cycle face lift for the 2014 model year. It is well-known German auto industry for styling and edgy aggressive lines, and the new generation will continue in the same spirit, with some modifications done in order to provide a new look for the car. This particular model is the second best-selling model of the BMW line-up, and it is available in a sedan body styles and tourism. The only model of the BMW E28, which leads the series 3 is to it.

It seems as if the long journey and BMW uphill toward some of the magic E39 is restored to a good start: I’ve heard the new 2016 BMW E28 will reduce weight through the extensive use of aluminum and composite materials (as well as possibly carbon fiber, although that may have remote fetched). Pressure on any car through the Jenny Craig system is good for fuel economy and, of course, and we are sure of engineers BMW and patting themselves on the back now to develop a 2016 BMW E28 in a better position to cope with emissions and efficiency of increasingly stringent regulations.

But this boring stuff for amateur leadership, what really matters is that the removal of the weight tends to make the car handle better. The car will have the flexibility of the new rear-wheel drive platform entirely in the end it will be found under everything from the two series for each new 20 167-series. Looking at the 5er 2016 at the macro level, it does not seem much different from the current model.

This is a good thing, because if there’s one thing we actually like the E28 on the day, its design. And the withholding of details such as Holst this model and tail lights that camouflage, but the gates kidney signature appears on wider than before, and the separation of the door of the fund look more deeply scalloped. The overall shape looks more chiseled, too, with a lot of round the surface of the current 2016 BMW E28 lends itself to countenance squared-off of the latest 3-series.

Even without any under hood shots to go on, we can safely predict will continue next 2016 BMW E28 to provide units BMW’s new diesel 3.0-liter inline six. The engines also follow the BMW decree that all engine displacement of 500 cc (0.5 liters) per cylinder. This would explain the end of the model 550i 4. 4-liter V-8, while represents the beginning of a new 4.0-liter turbocharged V-8 double. Otherwise, it should 528I 2. 0-liter four-cylinder carry over, as well as six diesel 535d. Both can get to increase production.

Still excellent automatic transmission ZF eight-speed record in the lineup, and a six-speed manual could return to the list of options, provided that the rate of take a little not already doomed. BMW recently announced that it would build a plug-in hybrid variants of the basic models means that the plug-in hybrid to be part of the mix-E28.

It will take the place of Active Hybrid 5, which is not a plug-in diversity and not terribly effective because of their complexity and cost. It seems natural for BMW X5 preparing to pilfer and plug-in hybrid for 5 er. This includes gear 240-horsepower 2.0-liter four-cylinder and cooperated electric motor 95 horsepower with the aforementioned eight-speed automatic transmission.

The pricing of the new 2016 BMW E28 was created $ 55,000 – $ 57,000 based on current exchange rates. According to rumors circulating for some time, and a new model of great changes. Some go so far that they claim that these changes will be the most revolutionary in more than forty years of history long models. A new model still wearing heavy camouflage, so there is only speculation about the exterior look. One thing is certain, will be built in 2016 BMW on modern technologies VCD (vision-related) engine.

It is pretty much sure that the new model will be lighter than the current, mainly because of new CFRP technology, which allows for significant weight savings. It is also expected that the 2016 BMW E28 will have a lot of high-tech safety advantages. Some speculate that the new three-dimensional stereoscopic camera, which improves safety and helps in the prevention of any kind of incidents on the road will be installed in the new 2016 E28.

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