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Saturday, August 6th, 2016 - Tesla

2018 Tesla Convertible. Tesla seems as if he is distracted by the second generation of the original development, the first product offers all-electric sports car the car, but unfortunately, we probably will not see it for years to at least four others. That means details about drop top two-door is very rare, but so far we know that you will have a new platform, more range, says performance. Tesla it wants to sell half a million cars a year by 2020 to expand the head, and to do so, you will need to more than just the S model in its catalog.

With that in mind, will join the next new car SUV 2016 Tesla Model X, midsize 2018 Tesla Model 3 sedan small, compact SUV did not mention his name in the future of the automotive industry lineup. During recent announcement of updates to an existing 2018 Tesla Convertible dropped sedan Sports 2019 as a target date for the new Universal release for the next Roadster. This is a long time to wait, especially considering the original 2007 Tesla Roadster production ended in 2012. However, with so many new models on the horizon and a multi-billion dollar battery factory under construction, and I think it makes sense.

However, the company remains committed to the 2018 Tesla Convertible, CEO Elon Musk confirms earlier second-generation sports car in the works. You will need to eclipse 4. 0 second 0-100 km / h the previous race Tesla Roadster and 360 km cruising range to stay concentrated relevant. The luxury car maker to produce vehicles selling size, first and foremost, and the Model X crossover will certainly boost production in the next few years, and was followed by the third model in the ambitious expansion plans sedan.

Tesla and small depend on the completion of her Gigafactory’s much-vaunted, which will allow the electric machine to manufacture a car to strongly increase its global market share by enhancing the manufacturing capacity from the current 10,000 cars a year to 500,000 vehicles claimed annually by 2020. Despite Tesla still looking for sites to build Gigafactory, the company’s share price continues to rise, closing at more than $ 250 per share in early August 2014 from about $ 16 in mid-2010.

Here is where things really interesting. Delayed 2019 release date for the 2018 Tesla Convertible, along with the announcement of an update to 2018 Tesla Convertible the sedan got to put “ridiculous”, which replaces the situation “crazy” list for faster acceleration. In addition to being really, flipping really fast and is expected to also have the option and said that the new car for the continuation of range.

In huge references Space balls, the Tesla this to say: “there is of course one of the fastest ridiculous speed, but that this is limited to the next car generation in four years: maximum carved” with a sexy situation ironic works, it can be a year 2018 Tesla Convertible P85D accelerate to 60 miles per hour within 2. 8 seconds, besting the 3. 2 seconds required in a crazy situation and suggests the new car to be faster than 2. 8 seconds for. 60 miles per hour, with speculation attached acceleration time less than 2. 5 seconds, making it essentially one of the fastest cars in the world, EV or not (for the sake of comparison, the $ 845, 000 2014 Porsche 918 Spyder can reach 60 miles per hour in 2. 4 seconds, it is expected that the new car).

In addition to being really, really fast flipping also we have a huge collection. We saw the last update to a car (2015 Tesla Roadster, , version 3. 0, which was released last December) to increase the range to 400 miles under ideal conditions. Assuming battery technology continues to advance its current rate (no pun intended). What the engine can generate these numbers outrageous? At the moment, the option battery largest unit 90 kWh to pay P90D top-heavy specifications eerily so sub-time second 3-0 to 60. Install a lighter two-door by weight, with an electric motor and a single in the axis, and the result can be a lot in The maximum field of plaid.

Unlike the original 215 kW / 400 Nm car, which first came to Australia in 2011 at a price of heady $ 206,000, and the new 2018 Tesla Convertible is unlikely to have cooperation with Lotus, and can take on the form name R. The deployment of German cites sources Tesla as claimed the new R model can be up by 2018, but this seems at odds with the timetable of the company product known in part.

It is scheduled in 2017 Model X SUV, followed by the third model, the smallest Audi A4 size in 2018. There are also rumors of a city car compact and affordable without the $ 40,000 Model C in works. Sales of Tesla Model R sports car will always be less than the compounds mentioned above as she specialized model, which is likely to relegate its importance in terms of product planning and deployment.

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